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Annual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies (AICILS)
2nd March 2015
Oxford, United Kingdom
The overall objective of this conference is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on key Interdisciplinary legal issues affecting politics, psychology, criminology, sociology, economics, socio-legal studies, medicine and history.

GABER 15th Business and Economics International Coonference
5th March 2015
Orlando, United States of America
Global Academy of Business and Economic Research (GABER) is inviting papers in all areas of Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing and Management for 15th International Conference in Orlando. www.gaberic.org

GABER 16th Business and Economics International Conference
7th May 2015
New York, United States of America
Global Academy of Business and Economic Research (GABER) is inviting papers in all areas of Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing and Management for 16th International Conference in New York. Website www.gaberic.org.

Interdisciplinary studies conferences worldwide

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November 2014
1st International Conference on Communication Leeds, United Kingdom
1st 3rd Global Conference: Play Prague, Czech Republic
1st 6th Global Conference: Strangers, Aliens and foreigners Prague, Czech Republic
1st 11th Global Conference: Making Sense Of: Dying and Death Prague, Czech Republic
3rd Knowledge / Culture / Economy International Conference Parramatta, Australia
3rd Call For Papers: Annual Shanghai Business, Economics and Finance Conference Shanghai, China
3rd 1st International Symposium: Academic Institutions and the Production of Knowledge: Crisis and Opportunities Mexico City, Mexico
4th 1st Global Conference: Truth and Truthfulness Prague, Czech Republic
4th 2nd Global Conference: Revolt and Revolution Prague, Czech Republic
4th Call for Papers: English Literary Studies Outside the Circle Solo, Indonesia
4th 5th Global Conference: Making Sense of: Suffering Prague, Czech Republic
4th 9th Global Conference: The Erotic Prague, United States of America
7th 1st Global Conference: Empathy Prague, Czech Republic
7th Aging and Society: Fourth Interdisciplinary Conference Manchester, United Kingdom
7th 2nd Global Conference: Fan Communities and Fandom Prague, Czech Republic
7th 5th Global Conference: Performance Prague, Czech Republic
7th One-day Creative Writing Workshop: The Imagination and the Erotic in Poetry Prague, Czech Republic
12th International Conference on Education,Culture and Society Toronto, Canada
13th International Conference on 21st Century Education 2014 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
13th LOCAD '14 / LOCAL ADMINISTRATION AND URBAN PLANNING TRACK of CUI '14 on Sustainable Life of the City and Social Concerns of Urban Development Istanbul, Turkey
14th International Conference on Arts, Education & Contemporary Studies 2014 Pondicherry, India
14th Canadian International Conference of Science and Technology Toronto, Canada
14th International Conference on English Language & Literature 2014 Pondicherry, India
17th International Conference on Social Science , literature and Education Vancouver, Canada
17th Annual Conference on Intellectual Property and International Law London, United Kingdom
19th National Conference on Ageing 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19th Fourth International Conference in Communication and Media Studies Famagusta, Cyprus
20th Education, Science, and Technology for Sustainable Development 2014 International Conference Washington DC, United States of America
21st Interdisciplinary Research Regional Conference Cebu City, Philippines
22nd 3rd International (Non)Western Fashion Conference Hong Kong, Hong Kong
24th Call For Papers: 29th International Business Research Conference Sydney, Australia
25th Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines 2014 - Sensual Landscapes of Ethnography Hamilton, New Zealand
26th CIIS 2nd International Conference: Poverty Alleviation and The Social Contract Makassar, Indonesia
December 2014
1st NODEM 2014 Engaging Spaces – Interpretation, Design and Digital Strategies Warsaw, Poland
3rd AIRS2014 - ASIA INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SOCIETY CONFERENCE 2014 (Springer LNCS indexing) Kuching, Malaysia
4th Call For Papers: International Social Sciences and Business Research Conference Kathmandu, Nepal
4th Between Apes and Angels: Human and Animal in the Early Modern World Edinburgh, United Kingdom
4th Annual Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture Rome, Italy
4th CeDEM-Asia-2014 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
5th Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Economics, Management and Marketing in Prague 2014, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
6th CLASH Pozna?, Poland
8th Call For Papers: World Business, Finance and Management Conference Auckland, New Zealand
15th Call For Papers: Annual Tokyo Business Research Conference Tokyo, Japan
19th Business and Social Science Research Conference: Paris 2014 Paris, France
21st Rethinking Politics and Political culture in Everyday Lives Vienna, Austria
26th Call For Papers: 11th Asian Business Research Conference Dhaka, Bangladesh
January 2015
8th Call For Papers: 11th International Business and Social Science Research Conference Dubai, United Arab Emirates
14th Transatlantic Connections Conference Ireland Bundoran, Ireland
18th WEI Multidisciplinary Conference on Education and Humanities(Barcelona) Barcelona, Spain
21st ICHE 2015 International Conference on Humanities New York, United States of America
22nd Big Data Analytics, Management, and Innovation International Conference Atlanta, United States of America
30th Students International Conference on Environmental Issues in South Asia New Delhi, India
February 2015
5th Eighth World Universities Forum (WUF) Savannah, United States of America
9th Call For Papers: 8th Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
11th Environmental Science, Technology, and Business International Conference Dallas, United States of America
12th The Fear of Art New York, United States of America
12th The Fear of Art, 32nd in the Social Research conference series New York, United States of America
25th Second International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka
March 2015
2nd Annual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies (AICILS) Oxford, United Kingdom
5th 2015 International Conference on Globalization Enterprises and Economic Development Washington DC, United States of America
5th Narrative and Medicine: Caring for the Future Lisbon, Portugal
13th Rural Development Conference 2015 Bangkok, Thailand
14th 7th Global Conference: Hope Lisbon, Portugal
14th 1st Global Conference: Happiness Lisbon, Portugal
14th 8th Global Conference: Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity Lisbon, Portugal
16th International Conference on Humanities and Education Toronto, Canada
18th 5th Global Conference: Spirituality in the 21st Century Lisbon, Portugal
18th 8th Global Conference: Visual Literacies Lisbon, Portugal
18th 16th Global Conference: Perspectives on Evil Lisbon, Portugal
18th 4th Global Conference: Communication and Conflict Lisbon, Portugal
19th WEI International Academic Conference on Business&Economics in Athens Athens, Greece
21st Second Interdisciplinary Conference Religion in Everyday Lives Vienna, Austria
22nd 2nd Global Conference: Letters and Letter Writing Lisbon, Portugal
22nd 4th Global Conference: Monstrous Geographies Lisbon, Portugal
22nd 10th Global Conference: Creative Engagements: Thinking With Children Lisbon, Portugal
22nd 5th Global Conference: Trauma: Theory and Practice Lisbon, Portugal
23rd Spring Academy Heidelberg, Germany
24th Annual World conference on Women's studies (WCWS) - 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka
26th Women's Leadership International Conference- Philadelphia, USA Philadelphia, United States of America
26th Global Discourses in Women's and Gender Studies Murfreesboro (30 miles from Nashville), United States of America
26th 22nd METU British Novelists Conference: Zadie Smith and Her Work Ankara, Turkey, Turkey
27th International Conference on Trends in Economics, Humanities and Management (ICTEHM'15) March 27-28, 2015 Singapore Singapore, Singapore
April 2015
6th Global Multidisciplinary Academic Conference Langkawi Island, Malaysia, Malaysia
8th Intercultural Competence in Communication and Education (ICCEd2015) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9th Annual World Conference on Media & Mass Communication (MEDCOM) – 2015 Beijing, China
9th Annual International Conference on Education - 2015 Beijing, China
12th ICTTT2015 International Conference on Tourism Transport and Technology at Paris Paris, France
12th WEI International Academic Conference on Business&Economics at Vienna University Vienna, Austria
12th WEI Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Education&Humanities(Vienna) Vienna, Austria
12th The ICBTS Institute on International Social Sciences and Education Research Conference 2015 in Paris Paris, France
13th Australasian Conference on Business and Social Sciences 2015 (ACBSS 2015) Sydney, Australia
15th 9th International IDEA Conference "Studies in English" Malatya, Turkey
16th Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society Berkeley, United States of America
23rd International Conference on Education in Mathematics, Science & Technology (ICEMST) Antalya, Turkey
23rd "The Holocaust and the Contemporary World" - Interdisciplinary Conference Krakow, Poland
24th UNSETTLING COLONIAL MODERNITY: Islamicate Contexts in Focus Edmonton, Canada
24th Fifth International Conference After Communism. East and West under Scrutiny Craiova, Romania
25th Second International Conference on Culture and Cultural Policies Vienna, Austria
May 2015
14th PHILHIST '15 / History of Philosophy Conference on Interactions in the History of Philosophy Istanbul, Turkey
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