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International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Management 2014
6th November 2014
Penang, Malaysia
The ICEBM 2014 aims to provide international forum for researchers, academicians, and practitioners to present & discuss recent research findings, ideas and philosophies,and applications in the field of Entrepreneurship and Business Management

World Congress on Management of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Business (MAFMEB- 2014)
22nd November 2014
New Delhi, India
Invites research papers for International Conference in J.N.U., New Delhi. All selected papers will be published in International Journal having ISSN No. in print version and online version and that will be released on the day of conference.

International Conference on Managing the Asian Century (ICMAC2014)
26th November 2014
Bali, Indonesia
Building on previous successes, we make this conference more value adding for academics and practitioners through quality publications and experts participation. Conference scope has been expanded. Join this caring and motivating group of people.

CAPSTONE Business Simulation STRATEGY Workshop
18th December 2014
Hyderabad, India
Capstone Business Simulation Workshops attract corporate executives and b-school faculty. They go through BAPTISM BY FIRE. They love the workshops, hate them and get addicted. Fun, Frustration and Fortification.+91 98850 13550 or sansrisk1@yahoo.com.

8th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development and 4th Eastern European ESD Conference: Building Resilient Economy
19th December 2014
Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Topics are focused on challenges to modern national economies and business enterprises: a) Globalization and Challenges of the Modern World b) Enterprise in Turbulent Environment c) Entrepreneurship Caught Between Creativity and Bureaucracy

Call For Papers: 11th International Business and Social Science Research Conference
8th January 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Research papers related to all areas of Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Management & Marketing are invited for the above int'l conference offering publication opportunities in 5 int'l peer reviewed, Cabell's Indexed and ABDC ranked journals

International Conference on Humanities, Literature and Management (ICHLM'15) Jan. 9-10, 2015 Dubai (UAE)
9th January 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The conference proceedings book with ISBN Number; CD and certificate participation/presentation will be distributed to the conference participants at the conference registration desk

2015 Global Conference of Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network (EMAN)
28th January 2015
Colombo, Sri Lanka
The EMAN Global conferences aim to provide a venue for practitioners and academics to deliberate the latest developments in sustainability and sustainability management accounting. Submit your abstract now..!!!

2015 The 2nd International Conference on Advances and Management Sciences (ICAMS 2015)
12th February 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
ICAMS 2015 will be published in the JOAMS (ISSN: 2168-0787), and will be included in the E&T Library, and indexed by Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Google Scholar, EBSCO and Electronic Journals Library and sent to be reviewed by ISI Proceedings.

3rd Annual International Conference on Marketing 2015 (ICOM-2015)
17th February 2015
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Submit Your Abstract to the TIIKM’s 3rd Annual International Conference on Marketing 2015(ICOM-2015)with the theme of “Redefining the Art & Science of Marketing”. ICOM-2015 will be an international event that highly focuses on Marketing.

Annual World Conference on Supply Chain Management (WCOSM) - 2015
17th February 2015
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Submit your Abstracts to WCOSM-2015.This conference addresses supply chain management issues/ practices that contribute for redefining the marketing during the current era. FREE REGISTRATION for 3rd International Conference on Marketing (ICOM)-2015

Annual International Conference on Service Marketing (ICOSM) – 2015
20th February 2015
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Submit your Abstracts to ICOSM-2015.This conference offers researchers and practitioners a unique opportunity to dialog around the common issue of services,While researchers and academics have the opportunity to present their research studies.

ABSRC 2015 VENICE - Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Conference
25th March 2015
Venice, Italy
ABSRC is an important international gathering of business and business-related sciences scholars and educators. In addition to scientific papers, the focus is on various best practices and solutions, which are important for business activities.

2015 International Conference on Management and Behavioral Sciences (ICMBS 2015)
25th March 2015
Singapore, Singapore
ICMBS 2015 will be published in the IPEDR (ISSN: 2010-4626), and will be included in the EBSCO, CNKI, DOAJ, WorldCat, Google Scholar, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Crossref, and E&T Library and sent to be reviewed by ISI Proceedings.

2nd Annual International Conference on Accounting and Finance (ICAF) - 2015
25th May 2015
Colombo, Sri Lanka
ICAF-2015 will be an international event that focuses on the core knowledge & major advances in the ever-expanding fields of finance. ICAF 2015 theme will discuss on Major shifts in the international finance landscape & new opportunity...... More>>>

Management conferences worldwide

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November 2014
1st ISI Index CALL FOR PAPERS; International Conference on Social Sciences and Industrial Development (ICSSID - 2014) by Australian Society for Scientist Bangkok, Thailand
1st CALL FOR PAPERS; World Symposium on Engineering, Management and Education (WSEME – 2014) by Australian Society for Scientist Bali, Indonesia
3rd ITARC-2014 (London): International Trade & Academic Research Conference Holiday Inn, London, United Kingdom
3rd International Trade and Academic Research Conference (ITARC) London, United Kingdom
3rd Call For Papers: Annual Shanghai Business, Economics and Finance Conference Shanghai, China
3rd 2nd Annual Strategic Succession Planning Summit Las Vegas, United States of America
4th International Conference on Human Resource Management and Development (ICHRM) - 2014 Colombo, Sri Lanka
4th International Conference on Entrepreneurship (ICENT) - 2014 Colombo, Sri Lanka
4th Anglo-American Conference for Academic Disciplines at the University of London London, United Kingdom
4th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) - 2014 Colombo, Sri Lanka
5th 2nd Pan-IIM World Management Conference Kozhikode, India
5th 2014 ISIS - MANILA INTERNATIONAL MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC CONFERENCE: Promoting Global Progress and Excellence in Academia MANILA, Philippines
6th International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Management 2014 Penang, Malaysia
6th International Conference on Advances in Business and Management (ICABM, Singapore) Singapore, Singapore
6th The 8th International Management Conference - Management Challenges for Sustainable Development Bucharest, Romania
7th National Conference on Mind Management for Management New Delhi, India
8th 2014 International Conference on Distance Education and Learning - ICDEL 2014 Hong Kong, China
8th 2014 International Conference on Business, Marketing and Management - ICBMM 2014 Hong Kong, China
11th The 4th International Seminars and Conference (ISC 2014) on 'Islamic Economics and Beyond’ Jakarta, Indonesia
12th Liquidity Risk Management 2014 London, United Kingdom
12th International Conference on Education,Culture and Society Toronto, Canada
12th 14th Conference in Process Optimisation Series: Business Process Management Berlin, Germany
12th 2014 International Symposium on Business and Management - Fall Session (ISBM 2014 - Fall Session) Tokyo, Japan
13th EDAMBA 2014 – Trends and Innovations in Economics and Management Bratislava, Slovakia
13th ACEB 2014 - 2015 ASEAN Business Outlook Singapore, Singapore
13th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
14th YIRCoBS’14 Yeditepe International Research Conference on Business Strategies 2014 “Can Entrepreneurship Save the World?” Istanbul, Turkey
15th ISI INDEX CALL FOR PAPERS; International Symposium on Energy, Environment and Business (RSEEB – 2014) in Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates
16th Second International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Economics and Management Study - SEM 2014 Birmingham, United Kingdom
17th International Conference on Economics, Finance & Management Sciences (COES&RJ-SG14/2) Singapore, Singapore
17th International Conference on Social Science , literature and Education Vancouver, Canada
17th Lean Summit 2014 - Lean Transformation: Practical Next Steps Kenilworth, United Kingdom
17th The 6th Annual Executive Officers’ Conference 2014 Canberra, Australia
19th Agricultural Excellence Conference Winnipeg, Canada
19th Private Banking Latin America 2014 Four Seasons Hotel, 1435 Brickell Avenue, Miami, 33131, United States of America
19th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management 2014 Istanbul, Turkey
19th Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International (ABEAI) Maui, United States of America
20th 2014 International Conference on Marketing, Business and Management - ICMBM 2014 Milan, Italy
20th 2014 International Conference on Journalism and Mass Communications - ICJMC 2014 Milan, Italy
20th 2014 4th International Conference on Information and Finance - ICIF 2014 Milan, Italy
20th 2014 3rd Journal Conference on Trade, Economics and Finance (JCTEF 2014 3rd) Milan, Italy
20th International Conference on Public Management and Politic Development - Second Edition Bucharest, Romania
20th International Conference on Economics and Management of Sports Brno, Czech Republic
21st "Business and Entrepreneurship Development in a Globalized Era and the Rise of India Under New Leadership”. New Delhi, India
22nd World Congress on Management of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Business (MAFMEB- 2014) New Delhi, India
22nd 3rd International conference on "Spirituality : The Essence of Ethical Leadership and Management" Varanasi, India
24th 11th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TAWHID AND THE WORLD-SYSTEM: Integration of the Ummah by the Tawhidi Methodological Worldview Jakarta, Indonesia
24th Call For Papers: 29th International Business Research Conference Sydney, Australia
25th Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines 2014 - Sensual Landscapes of Ethnography Hamilton, New Zealand
25th ICE Transport Asset Management London, United Kingdom
26th CIIS 2nd International Conference: Poverty Alleviation and The Social Contract Makassar, Indonesia
26th International Conference on Managing the Asian Century (ICMAC2014) Bali, Indonesia
26th Canadian International Conference on Advances in Computer Science, Humanities and Education Sharm El-Shiekh, Egypt
26th International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management 2014 (ICSTEM 2014) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
26th TMS Algarve 2014 - Management Studies International Conference Algarve, Portugal
27th The International Symposium on Business and Economics 2014 San Juan, United States of America
27th 12th International Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Management Antalya, Turkey
28th 6th National Conference on Innovative Approaches in Management, Law & Social Sciences for Sustainable Growth and Development Solan, India
28th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Approaches In Business Management and Sustainability (ICMABMS 2014) Bhubaneswar, India
December 2014
1st International Conference on MASJID, ZAKAT and WAQF 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2nd 2nd Annual Strategic Alliances for Pharma Innovation Atlanta, United States of America
3rd European Conference for Academic Disciplines (Freiburg 2014) Freiburg, Germany
4th Call For Papers: International Social Sciences and Business Research Conference Kathmandu, Nepal
4th International Conference on Applied Science, Management and Technology 2014 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
5th ISI INDEX CALL FOR PAPERS; 2014 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Economics (EESE-2014) by Australian Scientist Association Bangkok, Thailand
5th Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Economics, Management and Marketing in Prague 2014, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
6th 2014 6th International Conference on Information Management and Engineering (ICIME 2014) Paris, France
6th 2014 5th International Conference on Computer and Computational Intelligence (ICCCI 2014) Paris, France
6th 14th International Conference of Management and Behavioural Sciences Toronto, Canada
6th 2014 International Conference on Knowledge and Software Engineering (ICKSE 2014) Paris, France
7th ISI Call for Papers: World Symposium on Finance, Management, and Education (WSFME – 2014) Phuket, Thailand
7th 2014 2nd International Symposium on Computational and Business Intelligence (ISCBI-II 2014) New Delhi, India
7th GROWING INDIA : International conference on Indian Research Scenario Bhopal, India
8th 6th Annual CX Impact New Orleans, United States of America
8th Oxford Retail Futures Conference: Innovation in Retail and Distribution Oxford, United Kingdom
8th ISI INDEX CALL FOR PAPER, World Symposium on Finance, Management, and Education (WSFME – 2014) Phuket, Thailand
8th Call For Papers: World Business, Finance and Management Conference Auckland, New Zealand
9th International Antalya Hospitality Tourism and Travel Research Conference Antalya, Turkey
9th 1st Contemporary Management Virtual Conference CM-2014 Kraków, Poland
10th CSDM ASIA Singapore, Singapore
10th ABSRC 2014 MILAN - Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Conference Milan, Italy
10th Sport Tourism: New Challenges in a Globalized World (STC'14) Coimbra, Portugal
10th International Conference on Commerce, Law and Social Sciences (ICCLSS) Bangkok, Thailand
10th The 7th International Conference on Services Management (ICSM-7) Macau, Macau
11th 2014 The 2nd Asia-Pacific Management and Business Application: International Conference Malang, Indonesia
11th Conference on Emerging Trends in Business Bangalore, India
11th International Conference on Economic, Accounting, Management and Social Science Szczecin, Poland
12th The International Conference in Information, Security, and Digital Forensics (ISDF2014) Thessaloniki, Greece
13th World Conference on Economics and Business Management Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
13th SIMSARC-14-"Transformational Leadership: Towards engaging Competitive Business & Social Harmony" Pune, India
14th 3rd International Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Business Kota Bharu, Malaysia
14th Smart, Sustainable and Healthy Cities Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
15th Global Conference on Business And Social Sciences - GCBSS 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
15th Call For Papers: Annual Tokyo Business Research Conference Tokyo, Japan
17th The 6th International Science, Social Sciences, Engineering, and Energy Conference Udon Thani, Thailand
17th 2014 The 3rd International Conference on Business, Management and Governance - ICBMG 2014 Las Vegas, United States of America
17th 2014 2nd International Conference on Financial and Management Science (ICFMS 2014) Las Vegas, United States of America
18th Fourth Biennial supply chain management conference Bangalore, India
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