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Anthropology conferences worldwide

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February 2017
24th "Ideology in the Post-Ideological World" International Conference Warsaw, Poland
March 2017
1st WLEC 2017 - 8th Annual Women's Leadership and Empowerment Conference Bangkok, Thailand
4th 2017 International Symposium on Gender Studies London, United Kingdom
10th International Conference on Medical Humanities Warsaw, Poland
11th CENSORSHIP, POLITICS AND OPPRESSION - International Interdisciplinary Conference Gdansk, Poland
11th International Development Undergraduate Conference London, United Kingdom
13th Museums and Their Publics at Sites of Conflicted History Warsaw, Poland
17th International Conference on Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities 2017 (ICSSAH 2017) Bangkok, Thailand
17th CULTURAL STUDIES '17 / International Conference on Cultural Studies Istanbul, Turkey
18th "Violence and Society" International Conference Warsaw, Poland
18th International Conference on Religion, Culture and Politics: Re-thinking Secularisation Theory Leeds, United Kingdom
25th 2017 6th International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture (ICLMC 2017) Kyoto, Japan
25th 2017 6th International Conference on Social Science and Humanity (ICSSH 2017) Kyoto, Japan
27th 5th International Conference on Social Sciences Research 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
28th 2017 4th International Conference on Coastal and Ocean Engineering (ICCOE 2017) Osaka, Japan
April 2017
7th 2017 3rd International Conference on Management and Behavioral Sciences (ICMBS 2017) Jeju Island, Korea (south)
8th Dreams and Dreaming: Theoretical Conceptualisations and Artistic Representations London, United Kingdom
14th DERRIDA STUDIES '17 / International Conference on Jacques Derrida and Derrida Studies Istanbul, Turkey
14th FOUCAULT STUDIES '17 / International Conference on Michel Foucault and Foucault Studies Istanbul, Turkey
17th Seventh International Conference on Religion & Spirituality in Society - Imperial College London London, United Kingdom
20th Sacred Places: Performances, Politics and Ecologies. Liverpool, United Kingdom
20th IBAD Istanbul, Turkey
21st PSYCHOLOGY STUDIES '17 / International Conference on Psychology Studies Istanbul, Turkey
22nd 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities and Innovation 2017 Singapore, Singapore
22nd International Conference on Music and Sounds Warsaw, Poland
22nd The Stories We Tell: Forceful Discourses and The Veracity of Narrative(s) Merced, United States of America
28th ARCHEOLOGY STUDIES '17 / International Conference on Archeology and Ancient History  Istanbul, Turkey
28th BYZANTINE STUDIES '17 / International Conference on Byzantine Empire and Byzantine Studies Istanbul, Turkey
29th Somewhere In Between: Borders and Borderlands London, United Kingdom
May 2017
6th 2017 4th International Conference on Society, Education and Psychology (ICSEP 2017) Macau, China
6th 2017 4th International Conference on Humanity and Social Sciences (ICHSS 2017) Macau, China
10th 4th International Conference on Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (ICHSSE-17) May 10-11, 2017 Dubai (UAE) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11th INTOLERANCE, DISCRIMINATION AND TERRORISM - International Interdisciplinary Conference Gdansk, Poland
13th International Conference on Ecocriticism and Environmental Studies Warsaw, Poland
13th 3rd International Conference on Women's Studies Leeds, United Kingdom
15th International Research Conference on Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (RCASSH-17) May 15-16, 2017 Istanbul (Turkey) Istanbul, Turkey
16th Interdisciplinary International Conference on Development, Environment and Socal Welfare: Issues And Challenges Bangkok, Thailand
22nd 2nd Academic International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities Cambridge, United Kingdom
25th Headphones on the Past: Interpretation and Presentation of Heritage Sites Malta, Malta
26th THE SYMBOL IN THE CULTURAL SYSTEM, 9th annual Juri Lotman conference Tallinn, Estonia
26th The Common Law and the Civil Law Today - Convergence and Divergence, International conference, Montenegro Canj, Montenegro
27th International Conference on Food Culture Leeds, United Kingdom
28th 1st International Conference on Spirituality, Culture & Sustainable Tourism (SCST2017) in conjunction with the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
June 2017
1st The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2017 (ACCS2017) Kobe, Japan
1st The International Conference on Japan & Japan Studies 2017 (IICJ2017) Kobe, Japan
2nd INDIAN STUDIES '17 / International Multidisciplinary Conference on India and Indian Studies Istanbul, Turkey
2nd ALGERIAN STUDIES '17 / International Multidisciplinary Conference on Algeria and Algerian Studies Istanbul, Turkey
2nd IRANIAN STUDIES '17 / International Multidisciplinary Conference on Iran and Iranian Studies Istanbul, Turkey
8th RACISM, NATIONALISM AND XENOPHOBIA - 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference Gdansk, Poland
9th MUSICULT '17 / IV. International Music and Cultural Studies Conference Istanbul, Turkey
12th 3rd Annual International Conference on Anthropology Athens, Greece
19th Diverse Migrations: Photography out of Bounds Leicester, United Kingdom
23rd 2017 3rd International Conference on Culture, Languages and Literature (ICCLL 2017) Penang, Malaysia
30th STATISTICS '17 / International Conference on Statistics: Teaching, Theory and Applications Istanbul, Turkey
July 2017
3rd International Conference on Tourism, Ethics and Global Citizenship: Connecting the Dots Apeldoorn, Netherlands
3rd Animal Intersections Adelaide, Australia
6th Building Bridges in a Complex World Crete, Greece
18th 3rd Biennial Children and Childhoods Conference Ipswich, United Kingdom
26th Twelfth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences - International Conference Center Hiroshima, Japan
29th Known, forgotten and lost grains: 4th Symposium of Greek Gastronomy Karanou, Greece
August 2017
6th 9th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines (ICTAM IX) Kiel, Germany
22nd 2017 International Conference on Culture and History (ICCH 2017) Barcelona, Spain
September 2017
9th 3rd International Workshop on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
21st 4th International Conference on Arts and Humanities (ICOAH 2017) Colombo, Sri Lanka
22nd TIME STUDIES '17 / International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Concept of Time Istanbul, Turkey
23rd 2017 6th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Society (ICKCS 2017) Hong Kong, China
23rd International Conference on Sri Lankan and Asian Studies Colombo, Sri Lanka
28th Contested Borderscapes: Transnational Geographies vis-à-vis Fortress Europe Mytilene, Greece
29th IDENTITY STUDIES '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Identity and Philosophy of the Self Istanbul, Turkey
October 2017
17th Africa and Africans in National, Regional and Global Dimensions Moscow, Russian Federation
20th LANGUAGE LEARNING AND TEACHING '17 / II. International Conference on Education and Language Istanbul, Turkey
20th LANGUAGE AND ETYMOLOGY '17 / II. International Conference in Language Studies Istanbul, Turkey
24th Conference on Mermaids, Maritime Folklore, and Modernity Copenhagen, Denmark
November 2017
8th III INSULA International Colloquium Beyond Nature & Artifice Funchal, Portugal
December 2017
22nd Second International Conference on Ayurveda Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants Colombo, Sri Lanka
January 2018
13th 4th International Conference on Media and Popular Culture Leeds, United Kingdom
21st EXTREME: Rethinking the Limits to Community, Architecture, and Urbanism Longyearbyen, Norway
April 2018
17th Eighth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society Berkeley, United States of America
July 2018
25th Thirteenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Granada, Spain
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