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International Conference on Social Science , literature and Education
17th November 2014
Vancouver, Canada
All papers for the ICSLE 2014 will be published in the Journal volume, and One Excellent Paper will be selected from each oral session. The Certificate for Excellent Papers will be awarded in the Welcome session on November 17, 2014.

2015 2nd International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts - ICLLA 2015
4th February 2015
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
ICLLA 2015 will be published in the IPEDR (ISSN: 2010-4626), and will be included in the E&T Library, and indexed by Electronic Journals Library, EBSCO, WorldCat, Google Scholar, Cross Ref and will be sent to be reviewed by ISI Proceedings.

LibrAsia 2015 - The Asian Conference on Literature and Librarianship
2nd April 2015
Osaka, Japan
IAFOR and its global partners are proud to announce the Fifth Asian Conference on Literature & Librarianship. We encourage submissions and participation from around the world to this international, interdisciplinary and international event.

Literature conferences worldwide

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August 2014
30th 3rd Global Conference: Body Transformations Oxford, United Kingdom
30th 3rd Global Conference: Sport Oxford, United Kingdom
September 2014
2nd 2014 4th International Conference on Humanities, Society and Culture - ICHSC 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2nd Re-Imagining (the) Olympics Oxford, United Kingdom
3rd 1st Global Conference: Augmentation Oxford, United Kingdom
3rd 3rd Global Conference: The Graphic Novel Oxford, United Kingdom
3rd 5th Global Conference: Space and Place Oxford, United Kingdom
3rd Memory and Travel London, United Kingdom
4th Information Overload Edinburgh, United Kingdom
7th Language, Individual and Society 2014, 8th International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
7th 7th Global Conference: Making Sense of: Madness Oxford, United Kingdom
7th 3rd Global Conference: Time, Space and Body Oxford, United Kingdom
8th 2014 International Symposium on Culture, Arts and Literature (ISCAL 2014) Nagoya, Japan
8th GEMELA Call for Papers "Tracing Paths: Journeys, Crossroads and Directions" Lisbon, Portugal
9th MedWorlds 6- Symbols and Models of the Mediterranean Rende, Cosenza, Italy
11th Identity: Representation & Practices Lisbon, Portugal
11th Memory: Forgetting and Creating Gdansk, Poland
11th 8th Global Conference: Mulitculturalism, Conflict and Belonging Oxford, United Kingdom
11th 8th Global Conference: Fear4, Horror and Terror: Rituals, Myths and Symbolism Oxford, United Kingdom
12th International Conference on Fourth World Literature and Culture Pune, India
16th International Seminar on Language, Literature, Culture and Education (ISLLCE) Chiang Mai, Thailand
19th The Aesthetics of Politics and the Politics of Aesthetics in Contemporary Venezuela Cambridge, United Kingdom
19th A Fiend in the Furrows - Perspectives on 'Folk Horror' in literature, Film & Music Belfast, United Kingdom
20th 4th Global Conference: Beauty Oxford, United Kingdom
24th Two- Day National Seminar on "Contemporary Women Writing: Trends and Issues" Awantipora, India
24th 5th Global Conference: Digital Memories Oxford, United Kingdom
24th 2nd Global Conference: Suicide, Self-harm and Assisted Dying Oxford, United Kingdom
24th Furious Flower Poetry Conference Harrisonburg, United States of America
25th 2nd JOEEL - International Study Days on Literary Space Viseu, Portugal
28th The International Library symposium Gold Coast, Australia
October 2014
7th Second International Conference on Religious Studies, Literature and Culture New York, United States of America
9th All that Gothic 2: Excess and Exuberance Lodz, Poland
10th Free Will Flint, United States of America
10th Canadian International Conference on Social Science and Education Orlando, United States of America
15th 14th International Language, Literature and Stylistics Symposium Izmir, Turkey
16th XV Annual Conference of the International Society for Luso-Hispanic Humor Studies Honolulu, United States of America
17th 3rd Global Conference: Sex and the State Montreal, Canada
17th The Second Euroacademia International Conference ‘Identities and Identifications: Politicized Uses of Collective Identities‘ Florence, Italy
17th The Creativity Workshop in New York - October 17 - 20, 2014 New York, United States of America
17th 2nd South Asian Conference on Relocating the Cultural linkages in South Asia: A Historical Perspective Patiala, India
19th Inaugural Global Symposium: Tranquility and Well-Being Montreal, Canada
20th 7th Global Conference: Persons and Sexualities Montreal, Canada
21st Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos Copenhagen, Denmark
25th 4th Language Arts and Linguistics (LAL4) Conference Hong Kong, Hong Kong
28th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Rome 2014) Rome, Italy
30th The 2nd International Postgraduate Colloquium (InPaC 2014) Georgetown, Malaysia
November 2014
1st 3rd Global Conference: Play Prague, Czech Republic
1st 6th Global Conference: Strangers, Aliens and foreigners Prague, Czech Republic
1st 22nd Annual Conference of the English and American Literature Association Taipei, Taiwan
1st 11th Global Conference: Making Sense Of: Dying and Death Prague, Czech Republic
3rd LIT FICTION '14: Literary Fiction Conference on Innovation, Difference, Irregularity Istanbul, Turkey
4th 9th Global Conference: The Erotic Prague, United States of America
4th Call for Papers: English Literary Studies Outside the Circle Solo, Indonesia
4th Anglo-American Conference for Academic Disciplines at the University of London London, United Kingdom
4th 2nd Global Conference: Revolt and Revolution Prague, Czech Republic
4th 5th Global Conference: Making Sense of: Suffering Prague, Czech Republic
6th Reading Graham Swift Lodz, Poland
6th Remembering Jerusalem: Imagination, Memory, and the City London, United Kingdom
6th ARCHTHEO '14 / IV. THEORY OF ARCHITECTURE Conference on Architecture and Text Istanbul, Turkey
7th 5th Global Conference: Performance Prague, Czech Republic
7th One-day Creative Writing Workshop: The Imagination and the Erotic in Poetry Prague, Czech Republic
8th 2014 International Conference on Distance Education and Learning - ICDEL 2014 Hong Kong, China
8th Twelfth International Conference on Books, Publishing and Libraries Boston, United States of America
8th 2014 International Conference on Identity, Culture and Communication - ICICC 2014 Hong Kong, China
11th “Literature and Language of Resistance” Cairo, Egypt
12th International Conference on Education,Culture and Society Toronto, Canada
13th Comics Forum 2014 Leeds, United Kingdom
13th International Academic Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in Prague 2014 Prague, Czech Republic
14th International Conference on English Language & Literature 2014 Pondicherry, India
17th International Conference on Social Science , literature and Education Vancouver, Canada
20th 2014 International Conference on Education and Social Sciences - ICESS 2014 Milan, Italy
20th 10th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (IC-HuSo2014)) Khon Kaen, Thailand
26th 3rd. International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Culture Penang, Malaysia
26th First International Conference in Iran on Shakespeare Studies (ICISS) Tehran, Iran
28th Norden / The North: Anglo-Nordic Exchanges 1700-1850 London, United Kingdom
28th Marginalised Mainstream 2014: Disguise London, UK, United Kingdom
December 2014
1st International Conference on MASJID, ZAKAT and WAQF 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1st International Conference on Advances in Computer Science, Humanities and Education Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1st The Asian Conference on the Arts, Humanities and Sustainability (ACAHS 2014) Hiroshima, Japan
3rd European Conference for Academic Disciplines (Freiburg 2014) Freiburg, Germany
4th CLEaR2014: International Conference on Language Education and Research Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia
10th International Conference on Economics, Education and Humanities (ICEEH'14) Dec. 10-11, 2014 Bali (Indonesia) Bali, Indonesia
10th ‘Ideas and Enlightenment’ The Long Eighteenth Century (Down Under) David Nichol Smith Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Studies XV Sydney, Australia
15th International Conference on Literature, Heritage, Culture and Sustainability (COES&RJ-SG14/3) Singapore, Singapore
16th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education London, United Kingdom
17th 2014 3rd International Conference on Humanity, Culture and Society (ICHCS 2014) Las Vegas, United States of America
27th 2014 4th International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics - ICLLL2014 Phuket Island, Thailand
January 2015
13th Asian American Conference for Academic Disciplines Singapore, Singapore
17th 2015 2nd International Conference on Culture, Knowledge and Society Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
17th 2015 2nd International Conference on History and Culture - ICHC 2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
21st Gothic Spaces: Boundaries, Mergence, Liminalities Sydney, Australia
February 2015
4th 2015 2nd International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts - ICLLA 2015 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
4th Exploring Liminality in Anglophone Studies Vigo, Spain
11th 2015 Southwest Popular American Culture Association Annual Conference Albuquerque, United States of America
21st Second International Conference Language, Literature and Community 2015 Bhubaneswar, India
March 2015
5th EDC 2015 - 10th Annual Education and Development Conference Bangkok, Thailand
14th 7th Global Conference: Hope Lisbon, Portugal
14th 1st Global Conference: Happiness Lisbon, Portugal
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