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Fordham-Rutgers Metaphysics of Mind Conference
13th February 2016
New York, United States of America
This two-day conference in the heart of Manhattan explores the metaphysical foundations of theories in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind.

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February 2016
13th Fordham-Rutgers Metaphysics of Mind Conference New York, United States of America
16th Advanced European Bioethics Course ‘Suffering, Death and Palliative Care’, February 16 - 19, 2016 Nijmegen, Netherlands
26th 2016 3rd International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts - ICLLA Taichung, Taiwan
27th International conference on Research in Engineering , Science and Technology Dubai, United Arab Emirates
March 2016
1st 3rd Annual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies (AICILS) Oxford, United Kingdom
3rd Conference on the Global Status of Women and Girls Newport News, United States of America
3rd International Conference on Women Studies & Social Sciences - 2016 Goa, India
3rd Life-world and Consciousness Chennai, India
8th 1st International Women's Rights Assembly Berhapur, India
9th The 2nd IIFs-UNAM Philosophy Graduate Conference Mexico City, Mexico
10th More After More: Utopias & Dystopias 1516-2016 Krakow, Poland
11th Trauma: The 6th Global Conference Budapest, Hungary
11th International Conference on Medical Humanities Warsaw, Poland
11th Loss Budapest, Hungary
11th The Supernatural Budapest, Hungary
12th Owen Barfield in Contemporary Contexts Oxford, United Kingdom
14th Interdisciplinarity. Who? What? How? Why? An Inclusive Interdisciplinary One Day Workshop Budapest, Hungary
14th Happiness 2nd Global Meeting: The Happiness Project Budapest, Hungary
14th Fairy Tales, Folk Lore and Legends Budapest, Hungary
14th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences Barcelona, Spain
14th International Research Conference on Science, Health and Medicine 2015 Barcelona, Spain
14th 2nd International Conference on Research in Science and Technology Istanbul, Turkey
15th 5th International Conference on Research in Humanities, Sociology and Corporate Social Responsibility (RHSCSR'16) March 15-16, 2016 Dubai (UAE) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
16th Justice and Penal Reform: Re-shaping the penal landscape Oxford, United Kingdom
16th ICCIS Jakarta, Indonesia
17th 21st Century Evils 17th Global Conference: The Evil Project Budapest, Hungary
17th Racism, Nationalism and Xenophobia - International Interdisciplinary Conference Warsaw, Poland
17th Responsibility 5th Global Conference Budapest, Hungary
20th 2016 5th International Conference on Humanity, History and Society - ICHHS Amsterdam, Netherlands
20th Torture Budapest, Hungary
21st International Conference for Academic Disciplines (UNLV 2016) Las Vegas, United States of America
25th ICSP 2016 - International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology 2016 Bangkok, Thailand
31st ACERP2016 - The Sixth Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy Kobe, Japan
April 2016
3rd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (ICMR 2016) Beijing, China
6th SGEM Vienna 2016, Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts Vienna, Austria
6th Jesuit Culture between the Arts Torun, Poland
8th Cognition and Neuroethics in Science Fiction Flint, United States of America
11th Call for Papers: Business and Social Sciences Research Conference London, United Kingdom
13th The 2016 ICBTS International Social Sciences and Education Research Conference in Paris Paris, France
14th 5th International Conference on Science Culture and Sport Turkistan, Kazakhstan
19th 2016 International Conference on Philosophy, Theology and Oriental Studies (PHILOTIS 2016) Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
20th 2016 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Liberal Arts (ICEPL) Taipei, Taiwan
22nd ‘Spatiality & Temporality’ International Symposium Warsaw, Poland
22nd PHILHIST ’16 / 3rd History of Philosophy Conference Istanbul, Turkey
25th The Science of Consciousness Tucson, United States of America
26th International Conference on Disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS-2016) April 26-27, 2016 Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
May 2016
2nd World Research Festival (WRF 2016) Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
2nd Sacred Journeys: Pilgrimages in the 21st Century 3rd Global Meeting Prague, Czech Republic
4th Social Justice: New Perspectives, New Horizons Belgrade, Serbia
5th 9th International Critical Theory Conference of Rome Rome, Italy
5th Cyber Security and Internet Safety A Fears and Anxieties in the 21st Century Research Stream Prague, Czech Republic
5th Domestic Abuse and Violence Prague, Czech Republic
5th Surviving the Destruction of Humanity: The Apocalypse and its Consequences in Society Prague, Czech Republic
6th The 44th annual meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy Miami, United States of America
6th Psychoanalysis and Politics - Solidarity and Alienation: Social Structures of Hope and Despair Vienna, Austria
11th Exploring the Erotic. Bodies, Desires, Practices Prague, Czech Republic
12th 2nd International Symposium: Global Cities and Cosmopolitan Dreams Barcelona, Spain
13th “Galicia and its Multicultural Heritage” International Conference Cracow, Poland
16th 3rd International Symposium: Creating Characters, Inventing Lives: The Art of the Self Barcelona, Spain
18th Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology fPET2016 Nuremberg, Germany
19th 5th International Symposium: Otherness, Agency and Belonging Barcelona, Spain
20th International Conference on Research in Social Sciences, Humanities and Education (SSHE-2016) May 20-21, 2016 Cebu (Philippines) Cebu, Philippines
20th Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science Corfu, Greece
20th Ethics and the Brain Flint, United States of America
21st Go East! Ecocriticism in Central and Eastern Europe Wroclaw, Poland
23rd 2nd International Symposium: Re-Founding Democracy Barcelona, Spain
24th International Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS-2016) May 24-25, 2016 Paris (France) Paris, France
26th Education and learning in XXI century St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
26th Reinvestigating Culture in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Belgrade, Serbia
30th 18. International Congress of World Association of Educational Research (AMSE-AMCE-WAER). Eskisehir, Turkey
31st American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines (Toronto 2016) Toronto, United States of America
June 2016
2nd International Interdisciplinary Boredom Conference Warsaw, Poland
2nd 1st Istanbul Critical Theory Conference Istanbul, Turkey
3rd SOCIOCRI '16 / 3rd International Sociology and Critical Perspectives Conference Istanbul, Turkey
3rd Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research Amsterdam, Netherlands
8th 2016 Humanities Conference: Nature at the Crossroads: New Directions for the Humanities in the Age of the Anthropocene - A Common Ground Conference Chicago, United States of America
10th “The Place of Memory and Memory of Place” International Conference Cracow, Poland
15th Context dependence in language, action and cognition Warsaw, Poland
16th 5th Interdisciplinary Memory Conference in Gdansk: "Memory, Trauma and Recovery" Gdansk, Poland
16th SWIP UK (Society for Women in Philosophy) Annual Conference 2016 – Precarity: Passion. Rage, Reason Brighton, United Kingdom
16th Semiosis in Communication: Knowing and Learning - International Conference, First Edition Bucharest, Romania
21st End-of-Academic-Year Multidisciplinary Conference in Munich Munich, Germany
24th LILA '16 / 3rd LINGUISTICS and LANGUAGE Conference Istanbul, Turkey
24th 2016 International Conference on Gender Studies Cracow, Poland
24th 2016 International Symposium on Culture, Arts, and Literature (ISCAL 2016) Sapporo, Japan
28th Int'l Multidisciplinary Conference (Venice 2016) Venice, Italy
30th “Borders / debordering” - Towards a New World Culture of Hospitality Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia
July 2016
2nd Writing As Spaces Oxford, United Kingdom
2nd Humour Oxford, United Kingdom
2nd Love Letters Oxford, United Kingdom
4th The European Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy 2016 Brighton, United Kingdom
4th 4th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies Cambridge, United Kingdom
5th International Conference on Elizabeth Bowen Warsaw, Poland
6th Diasporas Oxford, United Kingdom
6th Exploring Sexuality and Spirituality Oxford, United Kingdom
6th Visual Literacies as Visual Imageries Oxford, United Kingdom
10th Persons and Sexualities Oxford, United Kingdom
12th 2016 International Symposium on Economics and Social Science – Summer Session (ISESS - Summer 2016) Kyoto, Japan
14th Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners Oxford, United Kingdom
14th Torture Oxford, United Kingdom
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