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Philosophy conferences worldwide

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December 2014
27th 2014 4th International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics - ICLLL2014 Phuket Island, Thailand
January 2015
2nd 5th International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS, Bangkok) Bangkok, Thailand
6th International Conference on Education, Law and Humanities (ICELH) Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand
18th WEI Multidisciplinary Conference on Education and Humanities(Barcelona) Barcelona, Spain
28th UGC Sponsored Global Seminar Guntur, India
29th International Research Conference on Business, Economics and Social Sciences, IRC-2015. Bangkok, Thailand
February 2015
6th The Third Global Forum of Critical Studies: Asking Big Questions Again Florence, Italy
12th 2015 1st Journal Conference on Social Science and Humanity (JCSSH 2015 1st) Amsterdam, Netherlands
26th 4th International Conference Buddhism & Australia Perth, Australia
26th The Vienna Circle in Czechoslovakia Pilsen, Czech Republic
March 2015
8th 2015 2nd International Conference on World Islamic Studies (ICWIS 2015) Seoul, Korea (south)
14th 7th Global Conference: Hope Lisbon, Portugal
14th 1st Global Conference: Happiness Lisbon, Portugal
15th ISI Call for Papers:International Conference on Communication Science, Anthropology and Political Science (ICCSAP-2015) Bangkok, Thailand
17th International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities Colombo, Sri Lanka
18th 8th Global Conference: Visual Literacies Lisbon, Portugal
18th 16th Global Conference: Perspectives on Evil Lisbon, Portugal
18th 5th Global Conference: Spirituality in the 21st Century Lisbon, Portugal
19th WEI Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Education&Humanities(Athens) Athens, Greece
20th The Work of Cognition and Neuroethics in Science Fiction Flint, United States of America
22nd 5th Global Conference: Trauma: Theory and Practice Lisbon, Portugal
22nd 10th Global Conference: Creative Engagements: Thinking With Children Lisbon, Portugal
26th The Fifth Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2015 Osaka, Japan
26th International Conference in Humanities: Face in Trouble: From Physiognomics to Facebook Cracow, Poland
26th Formal Methods and Science in Philosophy Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
26th Literature as an Epistemological Model Pau, France
26th 22nd METU British Novelists Conference: Zadie Smith and Her Work Ankara, Turkey, Turkey
27th International Conference on Contesting ‘Self’ and ‘Other’: Identities of Caste, Tribe, Gender and Beyond Diphu, Assam, India, India
28th The Human-Animal Boundary: Exploring The Line In Philosophy And Fiction Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
April 2015
9th International Academic Interdisciplinary Conference on Modern Economics and Social Sciences Opole, Poland
9th Revisioning Space(s), Time and Bodies State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
9th Living Well York, United Kingdom
11th 2015 International Conference on Language and Communication Science (ICLCS2015) Los Angeles, United States of America
19th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Vienna) Vienna, Austria
23rd "The Holocaust and the Contemporary World" - Interdisciplinary Conference Krakow, Poland
23rd Visuality 2015: Intercultural Creative Discourses Vilnius, Lithuania
24th UNSETTLING COLONIAL MODERNITY: Islamicate Contexts in Focus Edmonton, Canada
May 2015
2nd Millenarianism and Surviving the Destruction of Humanity The Apocalypse Project Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
2nd Femininities, Masculinities and the Posthuman The Femininities and Masculinities Project Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
4th Life on Earth and Beyond Ven, Sweden
6th Experiencing Prison The Experiencing Prison Project Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
6th Evil, Women and the Feminine: The Evil, Women and the Feminine Project Dubovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
7th 8th International Critical Theory Conference of Rome Rome, Italy
10th When Virtual Reality Became a Reality: The Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds Project Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
14th PHILHIST '15 / History of Philosophy Conference on Interactions in the History of Philosophy Istanbul, Turkey
14th 2nd International Symposium: Creating Characters, Inventing Lives: The Art of the Self Barcelona, Spain
18th "Destiny - Coincidence - Contingency" Interdisciplinary Conference Warsaw, Poland
18th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies London, United Kingdom
18th 1st International Symposium: Global Cities and Cosmopolitan Dreams Barcelona, Spain
18th American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines (Toronto 2015) Toronto, Canada
19th International Conference on the Future of Culture Tehran, Iran
20th Reconciliation and Justice Vienna, Austria
21st Neurotherapeutics and Psychosurgery Flint, United States of America
21st The Philosophy and Theology of Immortality Hull, United Kingdom
21st 1st International Symposium: Re-Founding Democracy Barcelona, Spain
26th Civil Unrest and Socio-Political Changes: Marginalisation, Disintegration, Exclusion Tbilisi, Georgia
28th 3rd St Andrews Graduate Conference in International Political Theory: Politics of Responsibility St Andrews, United Kingdom
28th The Fourth International SEARCH Conference 2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 2015
4th ACED 17: Religion and Spirituality in Literature and the Arts Bucharest, Romania
8th 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences Research 2015 (ICSSR 2015) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9th 2015 International Conference on Culture, Languages and Literature (ICCLL2015) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9th Second International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies 2015 Toronto, Canada
9th The ICBTS Institute on International Social Sciences and Education Research Conference 2015 at Boston Boston, United States of America
9th Toward a Science of Consciousness 2015 (TSC 2015) Helsinki, Finland
10th Civilizational Values at the Crossroads Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16th 28th World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention Montreal, Canada
17th 13th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities Vancouver, Canada
27th Study Day on Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity Huddersfield, United Kingdom
July 2015
2nd The Materiality of Love Sosnowiec, Poland
2nd SOCIO CRI '15 / II. International Sociology and Critical Perspectives Conference on Social Movements Istanbul, Turkey
6th ECERP 2015 - The European Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy Brighton, United Kingdom
20th Film-Philosophy Conference 2015: The Evaluation of Form Oxford, United Kingdom
22nd 10th International Conference on the Arts in Society London, United Kingdom
23rd Mind, Value and Mental Health: Philosophy and Psychiatry Summer School and Conference Oxford, United Kingdom
26th The Fourteenth Congress of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS) Rotterdam, Netherlands
August 2015
3rd 15th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (CLMPS 2015) Helsinki, Finland
6th Freedom & Virtue: Re-Inventing Free Institutions in an Era of Globalization Pasadena, United States of America
20th Societas Ethica's 52nd Annual Conference "Globalisation and Global Justice" Linköping, Sweden
24th ENCLS/REELC 6th biennial congress Dublin and Galway, Ireland
September 2015
7th Language, Individual & Society 2015, 9th International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
10th Second WINIR Conference: Institutions, Development & Globalization Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 2015
29th Sixth International Conference on the Image Berkeley, United States of America
June 2016
21st End-of-Academic-Year Multidisciplinary Conference in Munich Munich, Germany
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