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ECP 2014 - The Inaugural European Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences
24th July 2014
Brighton, United Kingdom
The International Academic Forum in conjunction with its global university partners is proud to announce the Inaugural European Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences, to be held from July 24-27, at the Thistle Hotel, Brighton, UK

The IAFOR North American Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences (NACP 2014)
25th September 2014
Providence, United States of America
The International Academic Forum in conjunction with its global university and institutional partners is proud to announce the North American Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences, September 25-28, 2014. The Marriott - Rhode Island, USA

SCEH 65th Annual Workshops and Scientific Session
8th October 2014
San Antonio, United States of America
The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis presents its 65th year educating professionals in the healthcare and scientific research fields on the applications, uses, and science behind medical hypnosis.

10th October 2014
Los Angeles, United States of America
The symposium will provide a valuable opportunity for psychology professionals from different cultural backgrounds and diverse fields to explore the global impact of psychology as a field of practice on community and individual mental health care.

2014 5th International Conference on Behavioral, Cognitive and Psychological Sciences - BCPS 2014
13th October 2014
Tbilisi, Georgia
BCPS2 014 will be published in the JOEBM Journal (ISSN: 2301-3567), and will be included in DOAJ, E&T Library, Electronic Journals Library, Ulrich's P. D., MESLibrary, Google Scholar, Crossref, and ProQuest, and sent to be reviewed by ISI Proceedings

CPSYC 2014 International Congress on Clinical and Counselling Psychology
1st December 2014
Antalya, Turkey
Early Registration Fee (599 Euro) Covers: 3 Nights Conference Hotel 5* Accommodation, 4 days Unlimited Food and Drink, Abstract Publication, Full Text Publication, Conference Materials, Participation / Presentation Online Certificate...

icCSBs 2015 The Annual International Conference on Cognitive - Social, and Behavioural Sciences
6th January 2015
Nicosia, Cyprus
Virtual Poster Presentation Conference Full texts will be published in the European Procedia - Social and Behavioural Sciences (eISSN: 2301-2811).

Psychology conferences worldwide

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April 2014
21st ARCHHIST '14: IV. History of Architecture Conference on Periods, Movements, Outsiders Istanbul, Turkey
24th 8th Annual Risk and Recovery Forensic Conference Hamilton, Canada
24th CONTEMP ART '14: Contemporary Art Conference on New Approaches, New Techniques, New Materials Istanbul, Turkey
29th Fourth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society Costa Rica, Costa Rica
29th Psychological Counseling Programs in the Service of Individual and Society Nizwa, Oman
May 2014
2nd 6th Global Conference: Evil, Women and the Feminine Lisbon, Portugal
2nd 12th Global Conference: Violence Lisbon, Portugal
2nd 4th Global Conference: Femininities and Masculinites Lisbon, Portugal
6th 1st Global Conference: Sexuality and Disability Lisbon, Portugal
7th The British Psychological Society Annual Conference 2014 International Convention Centre, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA, United Kingdom
7th The 2nd International Conference on Social Science and Management (ICSSAM2014) Kyoto, Japan
7th 2014 Asian Congress of Applied Psychology (ACAP 2014) Singapore, Singapore
9th Psychoanalysis and Politics - Rhetorics of Power and Freedom of Thought - Voices of the 'It' and the 'Over-I' Budapest, Hungary
10th 5th Global Conference: Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative Lisbon, Portugal
10th 2014 International Conference on Society, Education and Psychology (ICSEP2014) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10th 2nd International Symposium on Rethinking The Qur'an - Concepts and Terms in the Qur'an Ankara, Turkey
11th 2014 ISIS - PARIS (FRANCE) INTERNATIONAL MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC CONFERENCE: Promoting Global Progress and Excellence in Academia PARIS, France
13th Recent Advances in Neuropsychiatric, Psychological and Social Sciences Athens, Greece
14th 3rd Global Conference: Monstrous Geographies Lisbon, Portugal
14th Annual International Conference Cognitive - Social, and Behavioural Sciences (icCSBs 2014) Mersin, Turkey
14th International Conference on Economics, Social Sciences and Languages (ICESL'14) May 14-15, 2014 Singapore Singapore, Singapore
16th The future human image: Whom and How to educate in younger generation Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Kiev region, Ukraine
18th WEI International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Bali Bali, Indonesia
18th PURGATORY AND PSYCHOTHERAPY: Paradoxical Realms of Healing and Creativity? London, United Kingdom
21st 17th EPA Section Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry Meeting - "Disease Burden and Service Delivery" Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Germany
21st PERSUASIVE 2014 Padua, Italy
22nd The Finance, Global Management, Economics & Information Technology Research Conference, New York New York, United States of America
22nd 1st International Conference on Education, Psychology and Social Science Malolos, Philippines
23rd Art and Personality -The role of artistic creation on the development of human consciousness Iasi, Romania
26th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (on the Harvard campus) Boston, United States of America
28th Safety Psychology in Practice Sydney Boulevard Hotel, 90 William St, Sydney, 2011, Australia
29th The Economics, Finance, Accounting & Management Research Conference, Hawaii Honolulu, United States of America
30th 4th Global Conference Forum for Economists International Amsterdam, Netherlands
30th International Conference on Media and Popular culture Vienna, Austria
June 2014
2nd Behavioural Exchange 2014 Sydney, Australia
6th Cognitive Remediation in Psychiatry New York, United States of America
6th The Creativity Workshop in New York - June 6 - 9, 2014 New York, United States of America
8th 15th Biennial European Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making Antwerp, Belgium
12th 3rd International Symposium on Controversies in Psychiatry :: Combined Treatments Mexico City, Mexico
12th ACSS2014 - The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences Osaka, Japan
12th The Global Business, Marketing, Finance & Economics Research Conference, Los Angeles Los Angeles, United States of America
14th Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society: a postgraduate conference London, United Kingdom
15th The Creativity Workshop in Barcelona - June 15 - 21, 2014 Barcelona, Spain
16th 2014 International Conference on Teaching and Education Sciences - ICTES2014 Hong Kong, China
16th POLICOM '14 / Political Communication Conference on Political Science, Media Studies, Public Relations and Daily Life Technologies Istanbul, Turkey
19th 3rd National Psychology Outside the Box Ottawa, Canada
19th First Sarajevo International Conference on Global Crisis and Countries in Transition Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
20th APS College of Clinical Psychologists Conference Melbourne, Australia
22nd 2014 3rd International Conference on Psychological Sciences and Behaviors - ICPSB 2014 Moscow, Russian Federation
23rd Language, Culture and Mind VI Lublin, Poland
23rd Crisis: Past, Present and Future Cardiff, United Kingdom
23rd CONTEMPHOTO '14: Contemporary Photography Conference on Sources of Photography Istanbul, Turkey
24th 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health & Safety Valencia, Spain
25th Space, society, politics Tbilisi, Georgia
25th EXTENDED DEADLINE: Cognition and Action: The Jagiellonian-Rutgers Conference in Cognitive Science 2014 (CogSciJR14) Krakow, Poland
26th FILM AND MEDIA 2014: The Fourth Annual London Film and Media Conference - Visions of Identity: Global Film and Media London, United Kingdom
28th 11th International Conference of Management and Behavioural Sciences “An Interdisciplinary Conference” Calgary, Canada
28th Interdisciplinary Conference on Music studies Vienna, Austria
29th The Creativity Workshop in Crete - June 29 - July 5, 2014 Chania, Greece
July 2014
1st Appearance Matters Bristol, United Kingdom
1st 2014 Women's Leadership Conference Washington DC, United States of America
3rd International Conference Global Public Health Negombo, Sri Lanka
5th 3rd Global Conference: Apocalypse: Imagining the End Oxford, United Kingdom
7th The Creativity Workshop in Florence - July 7 - 13, 2014 Florence, Italy
7th 2014 ISIS-VENICE ITALY INTERNATIONAL MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC SUMMIT: Multiple Perspectives on Strategy and Innovation – From Theory to Practice VENICE, Italy
10th The Economics, Finance, MIS & International Business Research Conference, London London, United Kingdom
13th 1st Global Conference: Making Sense of: The Animal and Human Bond Oxford, United Kingdom
15th 36th Annual Conference of International School Psychology Association (ISPA) Kaunas, Lithuania
15th European Conference on Personality Lausanne, Switzerland
17th 1st Global Conference: Deception Oxford, United Kingdom
17th 4th Global Conference: Childhood Oxford, United Kingdom
17th 6th Global Conference: Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment Oxford, United Kingdom
21st 3rd Global Conference: Celebrity and Fandom Oxford, United Kingdom
23rd The 2014 National Suicide Prevention Conference Perth, Australia
24th The Global Business, Management Information System, Economics and Finance Research Conference, Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
24th ECP 2014 - The Inaugural European Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences Brighton, United Kingdom
25th 12th Global Conference: Monsters and the Monstrous Oxford, United Kingdom
26th IACSS 2014 - International Academic Conference on Social Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
29th 1st Global Conference: Testimony: Memory, Trauma, Truth, Engagement Oxford, United Kingdom
29th 1st Global Conference: Fears and Anxieties in the 21st Century:,The European Context Oxford, United Kingdom
31st The Finance, MIS, Economics & Global Business Research Conference, Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey
August 2014
4th 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy Chicago, United States of America
4th The MacroJournals Conference on Medicine, Science, and Technology - Dubrovnik 2014 Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
4th 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy Chicago, United States of America
5th 2nd International Conference on Behavioral and Social Science Research Ipoh & Kampar, Malaysia
6th International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Social Sciences Taipei, Taiwan
12th 8 th International Conference of Organizational Innovation 2014 Manila, Philippines
21st 11th International Postgraduate Research Colloquium Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
21st 2014 ISIS - ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC CONFERENCE: Promoting Global Progress and Excellence in Academia ORLANDO, United States of America
27th Education, Psychology, & Humanities 2014 International Conference Washington DC, United States of America
27th 15th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour (ESSSB15) Tallinn, Estonia
29th EUMMAS 2014 International Conference on Marketing, Management and Economics Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
29th Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences Seoul, Korea (south)
30th 3rd Global Conference: Body Transformations Oxford, United Kingdom
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